Special Features

Founding Goals

With the spirit of“kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving,”the School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine aspires to help the general public by inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine as well as integrating modern medical technology.

Features of development

  1. With the spirit of “kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving,” the school aims to cultivate experts who have both ability and moral integrity in modern integrated Chinese and western medicine.
  2. In addition to focusing on the basis of Chinese medicine and bed side teaching, the courses coordinate modern medical education system and is problem-oriented, which reinforces the training of evidence-based medicine to reach the goal of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment accompanied with western medicine.
  3. The school offers complete Tsu Chi humanic education and service, focuses on humanity arts as well as medical ethics and cultivate excellent doctors capable of self-learning.
  4. Conducting clinical research by modern scientific method to investigate the theory and treatment of Chinese medicine.
  5. In cooperation with Department of Chinese medicine, Tzu Chi General Hospital and related clinical departments to establish the interdisciplinary research team. The school aims at scientific evaluation on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in treating acute and chronic diseases, which motivates the diagnosis of TCM syndrome as well as the modern development of Chinese medicine.
  6. As the Tsu Chi Foundation, including the Mission of charity and the Tzuchi International Medical Association (TIMA) become globalized, the school spreads Chinese medicine into the whole world through the mass communication resources of Tsu Chi and thus help promote people’s health.



Purpose of education

1.The school aims at cultivating experts who have both ability and moral integrity in modern integrated Chinese medicine.

  1. Cultivate modern Chinese doctors capable of integrating both Chinese and western medicine with clinical knowledge.

Core abilities

  1. Possess professional knowledge in both Chinese and Western medicine.
  2. Possess professional skills and abilities of modern clinical Chinese medicine.
  3. Carry out regimen as to epitomize the spirit of “Superior Treat Before Sick .”
  4. Carry forward profession of humanity and ethics in Chinese medicine.
  5. Promote teamwork and communication of medical and health care system.
  6. Epitomize the spirit of “treating patients as relatives” and emphasize holistic medicine on evidence-based medicine.